In our Kindergarten class, students begin their reading instruction with phonemic awareness and phonics, using those tools to encode and decode to read. Students learn digraphs and blends, rhyming words and position words, how to write their letters in uppercase and lowercase, as well as spelling. Students also being reading with comprehension. They use these tools in religion class, as well. Students recall story facts, use picture clues, and follow sequences of events.

Mathematics instruction builds off of learning their numbers in pre-Kindergarten. Students begin counting, identifying, and writing numbers 1-100; adding and subtracting; telling time; identifying colours and shapes; sorting shapes and other objects by size; identifying money, both coins and bills; and identifying patterns.

Religion instruction includes Bible stories and learning prayers. Some of the prayers students will learn in Kindergarten include the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and the prayer to guardian angels. Kindergarteners also learn about special events in the Church and information about saints and Church holy days.

Science and social studies instruction comes from weekly reader magazines that discuss current events, various science topics, famous people in history, and different holidays.