Profile of a Graduate of St. Theresa Catholic School

Our graduates are people of faith. They leave our school knowing, loving and serving God. They value the teachings of Jesus Christ. They seek to share this faith in their words and actions. 

Our graduates are people of service. They aspire to be role models of service to all. They value sharing their gifts with others, whether it be time or talent.

Our graduates are people open to the diverse world in which they live. They exhibit compassion and respect for all people in their community and throughout the world.

Our graduates are people who have a desire for learning. They are inquisitive problem-solvers able to collaborate with others. From critical and creative things to responsible study habits, the graduates continue to seek knowledge for a lifetime.


"St Theresa's has raised me to be full of love and respect for all others. We are a different school than many others, we accept everybody for who they are. St Theresa's teaches us right from wrong, teaches us how to love and respect others. After we graduate, we go into the world as loving people backed by a loving community."

- Andi Dunn ‘19